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Periphs by JeXi

Innovation in Gaming Peripherals.


Introducing the Era 1 Gaming Mouse, equipped with the forward positioned sensor for precision and speed like never before.



Sensor - PMW 3395

Switches - TTC Gold 60mm

Scroll Wheel - TTC Gold Encoder

Feet - PTFE

Weight - 60g


  • Width - 66.5mm

  • Length -118.5mm

  • Height 44mm



Welcome to the Future of Gaming Precision

We're redefining the gaming experience with a revolutionary mouse that's engineered for excellence. Our commitment to innovation has led to the creation of a gaming mouse that's not just ahead of the curve – it's setting a new standard.

Explore the Era 1, where cutting-edge technology meets a passion for gaming like never before.

1 - The Forward Positioned Sensor

The sensor is strategically placed forward for lightning-fast flicks and unmatched tracking precision. Dominate the game with unparalleled accuracy

3 - Ultra-Lightweight Design

2 -Modular Battery System

Swap batteries seamlessly with Era 1's modular design. Never pause the action – keep your Era 1 ready to conquer at all times.

4 - Matte Coating Comfort

Era 1's super light design redefines your gaming experience. It's crafted for swift, fatigue-free gameplay, enhancing your speed and precision for total domination.

Experience ergonomic bliss with Era 1's matte finish. Play comfortably for hours on end, thanks to this sleek and ergonomic design.

5 - Premium Gold Trim

Era 1 isn't just a mouse; it's a statement. Elevate your setup with its elegant gold trim, blending style and substance effortlessly.

6 - Zero Distractions

Eliminate distractions with Era 1's minimalist design. No flashy lights or unnecessary buttons – just pure gaming power. Stay focused on victory!

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Periphs by JeXi

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"WOW, SUPER light, I like the mouse size a lot. The laser being up top allows you to make more micro-adjustments, I do feel like I'm in more control.

The cursor that I'm looking at is more aligned with my finger tips, if that makes sense. The crosshair is more connected to my hand.
Because the optical component is up under my finger tips, it does feel like I can adjust quicker and faster, rather than adjusting the crosshair under my palm, which is kind of awkward.
Like why is the crosshair under my palm it doesn't make sense!"



Our Mission

At Periphs by JeXi, our passion to innovate and create top-of-the-line computer gaming peripherals drives us to be an industry leader in competition, all while being reliable, relatable and fostering a greater gaming community.

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