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Periphs by JeXi

Innovation in Gaming Peripherals.


Introducing the Era 1 Gaming Mouse, equipped with the forward positioned sensor for precision and speed like never before.


The forward positioned sensor in the Era 1 represents a major breakthrough in gaming technology:

By positioning the sensor closer to the front of the mouse, the Era 1 allows for much more precise and responsive movement.

This is especially important when it comes to fast-paced games like first-person shooters, where even the slightest misalignment can mean the difference between victory and defeat. With the Era 1's forward positioned sensor, you can be confident that your movements will be accurately and immediately reflected in the game.


Era 1 Features

Sensor - PMW 3360

Switches - Kailh GM 8.0

Scroll Wheel - TTC Gold Encoder

Feet - PTFE

Weight - 60g


  • Width - 6.5cm

  • Length -11cm

  • Height 4.3cm



"WOW, SUPER light, I like the mouse size a lot. The laser being up top allows you to make more micro-adjustments, I do feel like I'm in more control.

The cursor that I'm looking at is more aligned with my finger tips, if that makes sense. The crosshair is more connected to my hand.
Because the optical component is up under my finger tips, it does feel like I can adjust quicker and faster, rather than adjusting the crosshair under my palm, which is kind of awkward.
Like why is the crosshair under my palm it doesn't make sense!"



Our Mission

At Periphs by JeXi, our passion to innovate and create top-of-the-line computer gaming peripherals drives us to be an industry leader in competition, all while being reliable, relatable and fostering a greater gaming community.

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